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Written on
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Five Steps For Self-Care At Work

Written on
Nov 26, 2019

Five Steps For Self-Care At Work

While you're working hard to support yourself financially, your body and mind are working hard to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed, so pay it back with a little TLC. As you'll see, small changes can make a big difference in your energy level and attitude.

Don't take your home to-do-list with you to work

"Worrying means you suffer twice." - Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

If you sit at your desk stressing about how you need to vacuum, you'll be less productive on the job and more drained when you get home. If it's something you can't take care of at work, let it go for the time being. Don't pile more stress onto your already full workload at the office.

If you can't stop thinking about all the chores that need to be done once you get home, jot down a quick to-do list and then pack it away until the end of work. The simple act of writing down what you're going to do can give you a sense of accomplishment and relieve some of the burden in the meantime.

Visual motivation

Display pictures of what's important to you. You can hang photos or even better, you can make a collage of what's important to you and put it where you'll see it often, such as your desktop background.

Include pictures of who you want to be at work, what you're working towards, and who inspires you to work harder. You can include photos of your family and pets, or maybe that dream car you're saving for. You can include inspirational quotes from those you admire or a picture of a professional who is doing the job you are working towards. Such reminders will keep you focused and determined when you feel overwhelmed by helping you keep your eye on the prize.

Check your posture

Our bodies often get forgotten when our mind is preoccupied with the demands of our job.

With every email from your boss your shoulders get closer to your ears and during every meeting your jaw clenches a little bit harder. You might not notice it right away, but you will when you're lying in bed wondering why your back is sore or why you have a headache.

Don't forget to check in with your body throughout the work day. Take a moment to roll your shoulders, stretch your neck, or take a walk around the office. Adding a little movement every couple hours can make a big difference in how you feel at work and home. If you need a reminder, you can set an alarm on your phone or install a google plugin.

Have Healthy snacks at hand

Many of us tend to eat when we're bored, concentrating, or stressed. Depending on what kind of day you're having, you might experience all three while at work and you'll be likely to reach for whatever snacks are closest. That is why it is best to keep tempting foods out of the work place and keep nutritious food that will energize and strengthen you close at hand.

Easy to store and transport snacks work best, such as; fruits that don't need to be refrigerated - like apples and bananas, bags of your favorite nut mix, granola, or whole wheat crackers. And if you need something sweet to distract you from the box of donuts Karen left in the break room, dark chocolate makes a great substitute by satisfying your sweet tooth without the extra sugars and preservatives.

Drink plenty of water

No list about self-care is complete without a friendly reminder that you need to be drinking more water!

There are countless articles debating how much water humans need to drink every day, but we say do what feels right and works for you. If you're currently living off of coffee or soda, telling you to replace all of it with water might sound a bit too daunting. It will be easier to integrate more water into the habits you've already formed. Keep a bottle of water next to your cup of coffee and every so often switch a sip of coffee with a sip of water. Soon grabbing your water will become instinctual.

Once you get in the habit of drinking water, start setting goals. Challenge yourself to finish and refill your bottle of water at least once during your shift. You can start building from there and see how many bottle of water you can finish before the workday is over.

Taking care of yourself while on the job will make your days run smoother, the workload easier, and your mind clearer. Remember it's not selfish to treat yourself better, those around you will benefit too. Your coworkers will appreciate the more chipper you and your bosses will be pleased with your productivity and you might even take a few less sick days.

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