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Written on
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ways to save money

Written on
Jun 28, 2016

Ways to save money

Are you always wondering how you can have more cash in your hand? Let’s look at some ways you can save money.

Consider where you have your bank accounts. What are their fees? Look beyond the ATM fees to include overdraft fees, minimum balances, even fees for printing and mailing statements. Some things can be changed, such as connecting your savings to your checking to transfer money when a low balance occurs. Or you might sign up for electronic statements instead of printed and mailed ones. If the regular fees are still too much, consider changing to a bank with fewer fees.

How often do you simply buy something because you see it and want it? Start to pay attention to your spending habits and what triggers you make an impulse purchase. Is it the sales price? The store environment? When you see something you just have to have, consider waiting a bit longer before finalizing that purchase.That may mean putting it down, walking out of the store and thinking about the purchase. It may mean asking for the item to be held if that is a possibility. It may mean putting the item in your cart to only tell the cashier, “I decided to not get this today.”

Don’t neglect coupons and sales flyers when you shop! If you can’t keep track of all the paper coupons and sales, consider an app or online version. You will be surprised at how quickly the saved dollars will add up over time.

What money-saving tips would you add to this list?

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