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Written on
Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ways to save money this winter

Written on
Dec 22, 2015

Ways to save money this winter

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The long winter months seem to make us want to spend more money. It doesn’t have to be that way! Winter can be a good time to pull your spending habits back under control!

Realize why you want to shop – online or in the mall. Maybe you’re bored because it’s cold outside and you just don’t know what else to do! Instead of shopping online, try something new. There are plenty of free how-to videos online. You just might find a new hobby – hopefully one that doesn’t require a lot of shopping for supplies. Instead of walking at the mall where there are plenty of lures to spend more money, look at your current gym membership or group of friends to see what might be available for fitness classes or impromptu activities.

Instead of buying treats that are ready-made, consider spending the time to make your own version. Plenty of online recipes are available for winter favorites: soups, stews, chili, hot chocolate, lattes. You will save yourself money and time by making your own instead of bundling up, driving to a restaurant or coffee shop and waiting in line. You may also just create a wonderful memory and a new family favorite recipe.

Take the season’s slowness as a time to review your expenses, budgets and account balances, as well as plan your money goals. It may mean cutting expenses or changing current plans. It can include planning how to ask your supervisor for a raise. It can also include unsubscribing to any emails or print catalogs that you no longer find useful or tempt you to spend money on things you could live without.

These are just a few simple changes that can make a big impact on your budget – not just this winter, but for the entire year ahead. What are some of your favorite money-saving tips?

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